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May 10, 2020
Mike McGee is a retired lawyer living in Lancaster, Ohio. Since leaving the practice of law in 2004 he’s been a mediator and mostly a writer. He’s originally from South Carolina, and spent most of his adult life in Charlotte, North Carolina. As a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the UNC School of Law, he practiced law for more than thirty years.

For eighteen of those years he was a Lead Prosecutor with the North and South Carolina office of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. In private practice he worked in family law and criminal defense, along with real estate and labor law. He took up fiction writing and blogging in retirement to renew an old calling to write. Before college he served in the US Army, including a tour in Vietnam as a combat medic in 1965 and 1966. He’s a 100 per cent disabled combat vet, due primarily to exposure to Agent Orange.

He’s published six graduate school-level academic or instructional books on law and on psychology over the course of his career, along with two popular books on divorce law, and numerous academic and popular articles. His deep interest and study of science and engineering has also led him in retirement to an invention related to the desalination of water.

Through the years he has shown an abiding interest in science, from biology to cosmology, and finally has had a blog to write about it. Many of the entries in his blog reflect his deep studies in these areas. He’s not afraid to be speculative in his thinking, yet all is grounded in scientific and researched facts, not fantasy. The blog is wide-ranging in scope, reflecting also his long-standing interests in law and politics and economics.
He can be reached at mm@mcgeehome.com .

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